Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I want

As I near the end of my college career, and as all my funds are eaten up by alcohol and my impending summer in Europe, I've been thinking a lot about all the new things I want (slash need) for when I'm evicted from this life I've created in Westwood and start anew.


15'' MacBook Pro

Anyone have $1,500 to spare? That would be awesome.
My Dell XPS, which I love, is dying a slow and painful death. I've always been a PC kinda guy, mainly because I wanted to gamer it up (CS, MW, and all that good stuff was only good enough on the PC graphic cards). But now that I want things like FinalCutPro and Final Draft 8, it makes 100% sense to go for the MacBook Pro. So I guess you might as well throw me another $600 bucks while your at it (Hurray for student discounts). 

Canon Rebel t3i

Definitely the one thing I am dying to possess before I leave to Europe. It's Pretty much the most cost effective DSLR out there. $800 dollars for the piece and a couple good lenses and you have a godly still shot camera that can also film in 24fps and look just as sharp and beautiful as cameras costing a hell of a lot more. Would love to get some epic surf footage and moody stills while I'm on my journey through the Basque country. Oh and throw in another hundred bucks for a tripod and mic. Thanks again. 


Sorta self explanatory 

This could cost a lot more. Or less. 

No one knows, but we will all find out

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