Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you fuck this bread?

Great way of bringing some much needed self-realization to the protagonist by looking into an exaggerated mirror of the dreary road he's going down.

Oh and it's funny as shit so there's no heavy-handed feeling that you're being spoon-fed the theme.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief

Interesting excerpt taken from :

Screenwriting advice from Michael Arndt

Michael Arndt won an original screenplay Oscar in 2007 for “Little Miss Sunshine” and now finds himself nominated again, for best adapted screenplay for “Toy Story 3.” But, as he said on Tuesday morning, writing remains a mysterious, difficult process. One of the few things that works for him: He starts by writing the end of the story and figuring out how he wants the audience to feel.
He starts by writing the end of the story. Knowing the end of your story is perhaps the most important key to prep-writing and breaking a story.

Yes, it's all well and good to have this romanticized image of a writer, plunking down in front of a typewriter, inserting a blank piece of paper, typing FADE IN and off they go to God knows where, but they just know they'll find their way (this is precisely how the last episode of "Californication" ended, by the way). That may work for you...

But if you're serious about being a professional screenwriter or TV writer, that approach simply doesn't fly. I've never met a writer with any sort of career in Hollywood who doesn't break their story in prep.

And the most symbolic proof of that instinct is what Arndt suggests: Know the ending of your story first

Leftovers aren't just for Thanksgiving

"I love when you're scratching your balls and happen to find a girl's hair down there"

--The Unit

Shit People Say 1/28/11

"Regular sex just isn't good enough for us anymore."

--Anonymous resident of The Unit

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michael Wong, meet Blake Lively

When you are up in the Bay, far from home, working your way up the corporate ladder towards that white picket fence lined with four locos, drugs, and strippers, and you are feeling oh so lonely, just pull out your iPhone, make your WordsWithFriends move vs. me, and then come scope some fine photos of your future wife.
And everything. will. be. okay.  

As if there weren't enough reasons to watch GG

Your Welcome Mike. 

Oh and I guess I'll enjoy them too if you don't mind. 

Truer words have never been spoken

Marion: You can't do this to me, I'm an AMERICAN.

--Raiders of the Lost Arc

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Hello There

There are good ideas and then there are bad ideas.

There are the bad ideas that go well, such as a computer nerd's shallow shot at social relevance turning into a multi-billion dollar company:  

And then there are the bad ideas that go bad. Definitely the more entertaining of the two: 

Giving in to this narcissistic, self-gratifying phenomenon known as Blogging, where every fucking person and their dog thinks they have something worthwhile to say, and better yet, diving in with no underlying theme or tone or focus, can only lead to the latter of bad ideas. So feel free to join me in this downward spiral of random publication. I just hope you aren't easily offended.

What can you expect?

Probably a lot of interesting talk/links on the Industry (of film), Screenwriting, surfing, and life in general as I leave the surreal fantasy experience only known as College and cast myself into the real world. That is if you consider a life that centers on the creation and display of fictional stories and characters "real".

Certainly some cynical examination of this "connectivity" that has come to rule the world.

Plus, a lot of stupid shit:

What would a blog of mine be without a special section for my inebriated thoughts. Thus, you will find these future posts in "The Drunk Tank".


The Vents.
You know, those conveniently placed metal passageways that just so happen to be big enough and strong enough to support our heroes in their most dire moments. The ventilation shaft has become the Deus Ex Machina of the modern film or television show. As I speak, that crazy bitch with orange hair in The Fifth Element is crawling through a vent escaping the gunfire of aliens.  But how does this have to do with blogging? Metaphorically speaking, this is where to go when Hans Gruber has the laser sight of his big-ass SR22 rifle right between your eyes, or when an entire force of fucking ninja-trained zombies is closing in on your trapped location and SUDDENLY you look up to see those magical grates of steel just begging you sanctum. The vents are my escape from life’s shit. This is where I ramble and “vent” (haha get it) about any stupid crap that "grinds my gears". And when you need your magical intervention from the gods in times of trouble, come to the Vents and enjoy the refuge that is my random thoughts. 

So Welcome, to when bad ideas go bad.