Thursday, February 3, 2011

God bless America and our puritan, nonsensical priorities

So the MTV-adapted "Skins" series has been getting a lot of heat lately for it's blatant and inconsequential (and pretty epic) portrayal of teen sex and drug use. The controversy is understandable, but the way in which organizations such as the PTC (Parents television council) have gone about attacking the series is just another bit in a long string of PTC incidents that illustrates American's fucked up priorities. Their violent and aggressive tactics ironically undermine what they should stand for. Organizations like the PTC are a joke, an entity that grinds my gears worse than the most frustrating literary villains (Think Mrs. Umbridge).
It's really just a bunch of older Americans who are more concerned about their children experiencing sex before a proper, heterosexual, drug-free, Christian marriage than being gunned down in a school massacre.
Here's an idea: How about you step off your "organization" banter of delusional self-importance and see a Shrink, you perfect samples of Freudian mishaps.

Good article to read. Or just watch the South Park movie to get the same moral, while possibly dying of laughter.

PTC Worries About Sex on MTV's 'Skins,' But Avoids Guns on TV |

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