Friday, May 13, 2011

Jon Stewart embarrasses Fox News...again

Thank you Jon Stewart for continually pointing out how frustratingly far Fox News will take things out of context to create controversy. And for just being plain hilarious.
Besides the segment just being another expose of the blatant hypocrisy of Fox News, it kinda just makes everyone at FOX look like complete fear-mongering racists...did I say look like? Oops. I'm being too nice.
To be fair, this rant applies to most major news networks.

It's sad that so many people take these personalities seriously. 
News personalities = Personalities. Entertainment. Putting their own opinions on news, be it logical or illogical (mostly illogical).

"Protect Jon Stewart. He's our most important Jew!"


  1. Fox is very clear about who is opinion and who is news. Their news is much more unbiased than their competitors, they just don't put it in prime time, which is why they always win the ratings. But if you think Elliot Spitzer or Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthews/Lawrence O'Donnel/whichever random super liberal retard MSNBC gave a show in prime time for some dumb reason are less biased then you really don't know what's happening at all

  2. Oh i don't at all think they are less biased. I agree. Hence the "this applies to most news networks". It's just that Jon always uses his best material on Fox, and thus they became the primary target of this post since I wanted to show the clips. But MSNBC pulls the same shit, I know.
    That last little bit about personalities is aimed at all news, not just fox.